What I’ve Learned

So I came into this class hoping to learn a good bit about economies, and I did. I think I have even learned more than I expected. I learned about scarcity and how we try to combat it, we learned about GDP and what it really means, and we learned about how economies got started more or less. It is all really interesting stuff and I am glad to have learned it. We also each read our own book so every person took home some other unique knowledge about economies and how they work. Overall I have enjoyed the material in this class but not so much the online style of the class.

The Class

This was the first time I have taken an online class and it really was not my type of class. I liked the material in the class but the way we went about learning it just was not conducive to me. I prefer to have a more specific assignment for each unit rather than just some open ended posts. It was also hard for me to keep up in this class but I believe that was more of my work and other school obligations that held me back in the regard. So overall I’m not overly fond of this form of class and would not be likely to take one like it again.

Best Posts

I believe that my best posts of this semester were “Mixed Economies” and “Unit 3 Readings”. I think that in these posts I was able to make clear points about the topics we were discussing. I also believe that a had a clear understanding of the material.